Tim Kurkjian’s Baseball Fix: The Orioles’ record losing streak, a night out and a call from the president

Orioles manager Frank Robinson was desperate for support … a night out … a night away from his team … something. So desperate, Frank took the three beat writers who covered the team — Ken Rosenthal, Richard Justice and me — out to dinner on an off night in Minneapolis.

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The Orioles were 0-18, on their way to 0-21. They had demolished the major league record (previously 0-14 by the 1997 Cubs) for a team’s losses in a season before its first victory. Orioles GM Roland Hemond had tried to change the team’s luck in Kansas City by wearing the suit that he wore during a playoff clinch with the 1983 White Sox. It was hanging in a glass case at Comiskey Park; he had it removed and shipped to him. It had shrunk badly with champagne. Roland, ever playful, wore it. It didn’t fit, it looked ridiculous. And it didn’t work.

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